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Quivers Are Fully Compatible With:
Apple iPad Air cases
Apple iPad Mini cases
Apple iPad cases
Samsung Galaxy 8" tablet cases 

We think products as unique and useful as Apple's iPad, Apple's iPad Mini, Apple's iPad Air and Samsung's Galaxy tablet deserves to be complimented by an equally unique and useful stylus accessory.

Keep your touch-screen stylus, ink pen or pencil where you need it most, attached directly to your tablet case. Does not interfere with the auto-off features.


 New From Quiver:

Quiver is very proud to announce our first journal - completely of our own design and layout.

Available this Fall of 2014, this A5 sized journal is designed for the cruise ship passenger who wants to capture their pre-departure plans, on-board thoughts, starry night memories, photos and contact info of new friends made along the way.

Capture all your wonderful exerperiences, big or small, that make a cruise at sea a truly unique and exceptional experience that can be relived and shared once back at your home port.


Our Customers Love Us!!

  • “It's flawless and beautifully designed.”

    ~ R. Smith.

  • “My Quiver, Moleskine and Montblanc...good team.”

    ~ R. Yague.

  • “Quivers add class to the already classy Moleskine.”

    ~ John F.

  • “...my new Quiver, black with red stitching. Almost excited about going to work tomorrow.”

    ~ K. Dawson - Paris.

  • “What a lovely bit of craftsmanship.”

    ~ M. Sinden - London.

  • “Commando Quiver as opposed to a Robin Hood Quiver, I like it.”

    ~ Paul P.

  • “The quality of the leather is awesome.”

    ~ Mariko L.

  • “The overall quality is exceptional - no crooked stitching, nice feel to the leather.I can't think there is anything that would be an even moderate criticism. ”

    ~ Kathleen E..

  • “I could say that Quiver is [more] a 'pen pocket' than a pen holder.”

    ~ Mr. T. - Japan.

  • “Nice high quality products that are very practical and very attractive....a great combination.”

    ~ James P.

  • “I have been loving my single pen Quiver for some months now and cannot think to use a Moleskine without it.”

    ~ Mike P.

  • “The birthday fairy brought me one and I love it, I don't want to have a moleskine w-out a Quiver ever again in my life. Thanks Quiver!”

    ~ Silvia H.

  • “I was pleased right away with my purchases. The pen fits just snug enough where it isn’t going anywhere but can be removed fairly easily.”

    ~ Peter T.

  • “Quiver is simply one of the best, if not the best, Moleskine pen holder makers out there.”

    ~ productivitybits.com

  • “This is definitely a Moleskine pen holder that I'd recommend to friends.”

    ~ NotebookStories

  • “I can tell that this quiver will travel to many more notebooks once the current one is full and settles down into retirement on a shelf.”

    ~ A.J.

  • “Great little details such as the opening where the pen goes is stitched, not just cut. I am particularly fond of the Quiver logo etched into the leather. It gives it a nice classy and custom look.”

    ~ I. Peters

  • “For months now, I had been looking for a way to carry the stylus I use with my iPad. This has been very convenient as I hate the styli that has the little cord to attach to the headphone hole.”

    ~ G. Urrutia

  • “It comes in 'Rhodia Orange Stitching' which I just had to have. And yes folks, it does match!”

    ~ Wanderer