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  • Pocket Brown Single Pen Holder Quiver
  • Pocket Brown Single Pen Holder Quiver With Notebook
  • Pocket Black Single Pen Holder Quiver
  • Pocket Black Single Pen Holder Quiver With Notebook
  • Pocket Black With Red Stitching Single Pen Holder Quiver
  • Pocket Black With Red Stitching Single Pen Holder Quiver With Notebook
  • Pocket Black With Yellow Stitching Single Pen Holder Quiver
  • Pocket Black With Yellow Stitching Single Pen Holder Quiver With Notebook
  • Pocket Black With Green Stitching Single Pen Holder Quiver
  • Pocket Black With Blue Stitching Single Pen Holder Quiver
  • Pocket Black With Orange Stitching Single Pen Holder Quiver
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Pocket (A6) Single Pen Holder Quiver


Product Description

Exquisite craftsmanship, genuine 100% American leather, handcrafted with a luxurious soft finish, Single Pen Quivers wrap around the spine of your hard cover notebook to fit perfectly with a precision design.

Tough, industrial marine-grade thread & Nappa leather means you'll enjoy many years of use - we expect 5+ years of faithful service in fact with normal use.

Available in all brown or black or black leather with red, orange, green, blue or yellow stitching.

Check out our FAQ to get answers to common questions about our Quiver pen & stylus holders.

Fits Pocket Notebooks - A6 size 
The elastic band allows a Quiver to fit notebooks 5.5" - 6.5" tall. (14cm - 16.5cm) 

Fits Hard Cover Notebook Brands
Moleskine Notebooks
Rhodia WebNotebooks

Quo Vadis Notebooks
Brooks Bros. edition 6" Graphic Image datebook
Conceptum Notebooks
Ecosystems Notebooks
Piccadilly Notebooks

Product Videos

Bruce Chatwin and his notebooks. Interview to the wife Elizabeth 03:12

What relation did Chatwin have with his notebooks while travelling, how did he store them and process them into books once back home? Listen to the story from the voice of his wife.http://www.moleskine.com

  • Bruce Chatwin ...
    What relation did Chatwin have with his notebooks while travel...

Product Reviews

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  1. An essential extra for a notebook

    Posted by Raymond Sachsen on 9th Mar 2015

    Having already bought a double pen holder for large notebooks, I was quickly convinced that I should also add a single pen quiver to my pocket notebook.

    After a month of use, I can only recommend it to every user of pocket notebooks!

    It is very practical and of an excellent quality.

    With kind regards from Luxembourg.

  2. The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!!

    Posted by Cliff on 7th Feb 2015

    I have been enjoying my brown single pen Quiver on my 6" Graphic Image leather datebook for almost a year now. Recently, my girlfriend just randomly showed up with a Brooks Bros. edition 6" Graphic Image datebook, so I immediately ordered her a brown single pen Quiver to match mine. She absolutely loves it as well!! I'm not sure why the Quiver website doesn't list the 6" Graphic Image leather-bound pocket datebooks as being compatible, since they are an absolute perfect fit to the Quiver. No adapter is needed. The two are made for one another.

  3. Love the Quivers

    Posted by Bill Saunders on 12th Jan 2015

    I actually have the large and pocket size Quivers and both are excellent. The leather used is very nice. It is soft and supple. My pens are held securely.

    Both Quivers are attached to Rhodia "Webbie" notebooks also purchased at Quiver Global. The combination of the Webbie and the corresponding Quiver is a combination that's tough to beat.

  4. Spectacularly useful

    Posted by Fiona on 31st Aug 2014

    Just perfect. This fits my favourite carrying around pens well and is a perfect fit for my Rhodia web notebook. It's way more secure than any pen loop, protecting the pen while also making it really easy to carry along with my notebook. It's a pen and paper lover's dream come true.

  5. The Missing Link

    Posted by Carole on 22nd May 2014

    I didn't know this was missing from my life until I saw your quiver. Of course! It's just what I've been needing. Ingenious idea. Excellent quality. A pleasure to have a writing implement attached to the journal. Thanks!

  6. What a Great Solution to a Long Known Problem

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Oct 2013

    I have used Moleskine and similar notebooks for years and always had to carry a pen in my pocket. This worked out okay until I started writing with fountain pens which are both (a) expensive and (b) prone to coming loose from the cap causing ink to leak all over my pants. As a result my options were to hand carry a pen to use with my nice notebooks or use a low quality ballpoint pen that I didn't enjoy writing with.

    Enter the Quiver: I bought this great solution about a month ago and it has been attached to my Rhodia Webnotebook ever since. I use it on a daily basis to hold my great pen to my notebook for ease of transport and use. I was a little worried that my large size pen would not work well with the quiver and had considered ordering an alternate pen but I was pleasantly surprised when I received it and the pen fit just fine.

    I am very pleased with this excellent product and would definitely both recommend it to others as well as order another for myself if I need a new one.

  7. Ingenius and very practical

    Posted by Rodrigo on 19th Aug 2013

    Wonderful gadget, it's the second time I bought it!!!

  8. Great gadget

    Posted by Rodrigo on 24th May 2013

    It's a wonderfull gadget, I put it no my children's Moleskine Pocket Journal, very cool and useful!!!!!
    In a time of high tech gadgets, the simplicity of this one it´s wonderful!!!

  9. Innovative. Awesome.

    Posted by Brian on 21st Feb 2012

    As an engineer with a flair for design, I applaud innovation. This device elegantly solves a problem inherent with any compact notebook: keeping the pen close to the paper during transport. It solves that problem so efficiently and elegantly that it actually adds beauty to an otherwise austere, but functional analog device: the notebook. I applaud the quiver and am so glad to have it.

  10. Exactly what I was looking for...but better

    Posted by Stephen on 15th Feb 2011

    I was looking for a cover that held my large pen on the spine...this is better because it is not a full bulky cover, clever! The leather is fantastic to the touch too, exceptional quality.

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