What is 4Ocean and Why Is Quiver Donating To Them?

The team at Quiver recently decided to start donating a portion of its order proceeds to various organizations around the world that are dedicated to improving our planet in an effort to give back to the community.

Every so often we pick a new organization to donate a portion of our order proceeds to, the current organization being 4Ocean, an organization dedicated to cleaning up trash in our oceans, and creating the jobs necessary to do it.

We believe that 4Oceans cause is a noble, but long and arduous one to take on, which is why we decided to contribute where possible.

Not only does 4Ocean gather trash from all of our oceans 24/7, 365, they also recycle whatever trash possible, turning what used to be garbage into wearable bracelets which are then used to fund their efforts even further, each bracelet sold equating to an additional 1lb of trash being removed from our oceans.

If you have any suggestions for our next cause to contribute towards, please let us know and we'll definitely take your suggestions into consideration!

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