Large One Pen Holder Quiver For Large Notebooks

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Cow leather & marine-grade threading
8 to 8.5 inches tall (20.3 to 21.6 centimeters)
Brown, Black, Black/Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue
One (1) standard pen
5+ years
Standard large (A5) notebooks
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The Large Single Pen Quiver solves a notebook users most annoying problem, not having a pen available when you need it. Single Pen Quivers slide over almost any standard large notebook cover, front and back, to the notebook spine and holds a single standard bodied pen snugly along the spine of the notebook. Note that due to the leather material we use, Quivers are initially very tight fitting but will loosen over time as they are stretch on the notebook. For some notebook brands, this may cause the Quiver to not lay flat and it is recommended you stretch your Quiver manually or allow it to stretch naturally over time on your different notebooks.

Quivers are made from 100% American cow leather resulting in a tight gripping pen holder for notebooks meaning no glue or adhesive is required allowing you to use your Quiver on as many notebooks as you want! One Quiver can last you hundreds of notebooks and many years of use, not to mention save you the time and cost of replacing a lost pen.

While Quivers are primarily designed for standard large hardcover notebooks, we do offer a softcover adapter that can be purchased with your Quiver to give your notebook additional rigidity to support a Quiver without bending your notebook. Available for multiple sized notebooks here.

Leather & Thread Color Options:
brown | black | black & red stitching | black & orange stitching | black & yellow stitching | black & green stitching | black & blue stitching

Quiver Dimensions:
Fits dozens of different notebook brands between 8 in. to 8.5 in. tall (20.3 cm. - 21.6 cm.)

Notebook Brands We Fit: 

Moleskine notebooks
Ink+Volt planners
Rhodia Webnotebooks
Leuchtturm1917 notebooks
Bullet Journal
Foray Hard Cover Journal
Conceptum notebooks
Palomino notebooks
Shinola notebooks
Monsieur notebooks
Black n' Red notebooks
Markings Ruled Journal notebooks 
teNeues CoolNotes notebooks
Piccadilly notebooks
U.S. Government 'Log Book/Memorandum'
Green cover NSN: 7530-00-222-3521
& more!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Check out our FAQ to get answers to common questions about our Quiver Pen & Stylus Holders.

Reviews (25)

Fit's the A5 perfectly.

Written by Nathan Thomas Wurzbacher on 18th Apr 2017

Holds my Lamy Al-Star Pen (or Safari) perfectly with no risk of loss.

Love my quiver!

Written by P Dee on 18th Apr 2017

My pen is where I need it when I need it!

Was just what I was hoping for.

Written by mikel duffy on 18th Apr 2017


Outstanding service from an outstanding seller!

Written by Terrance S. on 18th Apr 2017

Outstanding service from an outstanding seller!

Great transaction.

Written by Janice A. Kioko on 18th Apr 2017

Minor problem with initial delivery was resolved effectively and quickly. Many thanks!

Excellent product.

Written by Richard A. Munoz on 18th Apr 2017

Always high quality.

It lays sufficiently flat for me.

Written by walkingwoman on 13th Apr 2017

It's not perfectly flat at the beginning, but I don't mind pressing the book open with my other hand. At the beginning of a hardcover notebook, the pages don't lay flat anyway even if the cover does. In the middle of the notebook is where it is less flat, but I have two hands. It's not an issue. It holds my pen. It looks nice on my Leuchtturm. It will probably soften with age.

Five Stars

Written by Peggy Dronet on 21st Mar 2017

I absolutely love this pen holder. My daughter has one and loves it as well.

Five Stars

Written by dale on 18th Mar 2017

Very nice. Performs as promoted.

Great mate for my annual planner!

Written by Terrance Shaw on 17th Mar 2017

I've been an admin nerd for as long as I can remember, and Moleskine's products ended up being the holy grail of writing. It's no surprise, then, that I wanted a convenient way to carry around my pens. Enter the Quiver Pen Holder, my wish... granted. This product makes an already classy planner look even more so, and it does a phenomenal job of holding my pen of choice (and if I really try, a second one). Highly recommend this to anyone that owns an annual planner, and I'd definitely buy another.

Excellent quality and convenience

Written by B. Fuller on 14th Mar 2017

This is fantastic! It fits my Leuchtturm2017 bullet journal perfectly and has held up through several months of daily abuse without showing any outward signs of wear and tear. It is very convenient to always have a pen attached to my journal. Although I use many pen colors in the journal, this enables me to at least have a black pen handy for quick notes at any time.

An accessory for a daily ritual.

Written by chris everist on 11th Mar 2017

A great quality addition to support new positive behaviors.


Written by Mark on 10th Mar 2017

Tremendous on my Moleskine yearly calendar book. It well and a great accessory.


Written by Nathan Thomas Wurzbacher on 3rd Mar 2017

Perfect pairing for rhodia A5 and Lamy Fountain pens

Excellent quality

Written by Andy Chua on 29th Dec 2016

Have been using the Single Pen Holder Quiver for a month now and it's been a delightful experience. It used to be a chore having to write in my organizer as I had to carry my pens and notebook separately. It's much more convenient now, and on the plus side, the Quiver looks exquisite. I will also like to commend the people at Quiver for their attention to their customers. I never got my first order (seemingly lost in transit). They went to lengths to try tracking it down, and eventually sent a replacement to me. Will definitely recommend this to anyone who asks about it!

Evernote Moleskine + Quiver = Perfection

Written by Doug L. on 30th Jun 2015

I have long been a Moleskine user but always hated having no way to have a pen readily available. Quiver solves this problem perfectly. Now with the matching Evernote green stitch variation there is a touch of elegance to my note taking arsenal! Thanks for not only making a great product but also listening to a request from a customer. Highly recommend!

Beautiful quality and functionality

Written by Aline T on 25th Jan 2015

I already have a 2-pen holder which I love and I won this one, which I chose in black. In black, it is very sober and classy. The leather is beautiful, the workmanship exquisite and the holder fits perfectly on the Moelskine large notebook (approx. A5), both hard and softcover. A perfect way to carry your notebooks around and not have to fumble for the pen to write with on them.

A great way of storing a pen

Written by Michelle on 15th Aug 2014

It is well crafted and it doesn't look cheap. The leather is soft and supple. The stitching is superb. I like the reinforced stitching at the opening of the pocket; essentially making it very durable. A notebook without a pen is just a book with blank pages.

The perfect thing

Written by Adlai on 10th Jul 2014

I have lost so many nice pens over the years, but no longer! The Quiver fits very nicely over my notebook and holds my pen beautifully. It's like it was meant to be there the whole time! The definition of svelte. Highly recommended to anyone who has a notebook

Gorgeous Quality

Written by Bill on 27th Sep 2013

The materials and construction on this are really top notch. I am reminded of the old adage "Use a $20 saddle on a $10 horse." I use quality notebooks as well as well made pens, and this is a lovely way to keep them together.

The leather is nice!

Written by Angie on 21st Mar 2013

I like the look and feel of the leather. Also, the color of mocha is now my favorite. Just love the product. This is my third piece of Quiver.

Made For Each Other

Written by Chris on 5th Nov 2012

Quiver is the perfect answer to the problem of where to keep my pens when carrying a Moleskine notebook. The fact that it looks good doesn't hurt either.

Finally found my solution!

Written by FJ Stelling on 21st Oct 2012

I've always admired Moleskine products, but never used them for just one reason - no place to put my pen! Your Single Pen Quiver was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I'll be a Quiver (and now a Moleskine) fan for life! Many thanks for your creativity and quality products - keep up the great work.

functional and stylish

Written by John K on 17th Sep 2012

I bought the Quiver because I loved the idea of being able to have a pen with my notebook. Now that I have it it improves the look of my note book to the point I show it off in meetings and happily answer questions about it. I am also more conscious of it and less likely to inadvertently leave it somewhere.

Fantastic addition to my moleskine notebook

Written by Brian on 14th Dec 2010

One thing which annoyed me with my Moleskine was the fact I couldn't clip my pen easily onto it! This is the perfect solution to this problem. I have attached this to my hardcover Moleskine (Large, Ruled). Was very easy to attach to the book and I'm sure I will not have problems removing and adding it to future notebooks.

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