Large Two Pen & Stylus Holder Quiver For Large Notebooks & Mini Tablet Cases

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Cow leather & marine-grade threading
8 to 8.5 inches tall (20.3 to 21.6 centimeters)
Brown, Black, Black/Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue
Two standard pens/stylus or One wide body pen
5+ years
Standard large (A5) notebooks & iPad Mini cases
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The Double Pen Quiver solves a notebook users most annoying problem, not having a pen available when you need it. Double Pen Quivers slide easily onto almost any standard large notebook cover, front or back and can hold a single large bodied pen, two standard pens or even three thin bodied pens.

Quivers are made from 100% American cow leather resulting in a tight gripping pen holder for notebooks meaning no glue or adhesive is required allowing you to use your Quiver on as many notebooks as you want! One Quiver can last you hundreds of notebooks and many years of use, not to mention save you the time and cost of replacing a lost pen.

While Quivers are primarily designed for standard large hardcover notebooks, we do offer a softcover adapter that can be purchased with your Quiver to give your notebook additional rigidity to support a Quiver without bending your notebook. Available for multiple sized notebooks here.

Leather & Thread Color Options:
brown | black | black & red stitching | black & orange stitching | black & yellow stitching | black & green stitching | black & blue stitching

Quiver Dimensions:
Fits dozens of different notebook brands between 8 in. to 8.5 in. tall (20.3 cm. - 21.6 cm.)

Notebook Brands We Fit: 

Moleskine notebooks
Ink+Volt planners
Rhodia Webnotebooks
Leuchtturm1917 notebooks
Bullet Journal
Foray Hard Cover Journal
Conceptum notebooks
Mod notebooks
Palomino notebooks
Shinola notebooks
Monsieur notebooks
Black n' Red notebooks
Markings Ruled Journal notebooks 
teNeues CoolNotes notebooks
Piccadilly notebooks
U.S. Government 'Log Book/Memorandum'
Green cover NSN: 7530-00-222-3521
& more!

Works With Mini Tablet Cases:

Apple iPad Mini, Mini 2 and Mini 3 cases, Samsung Galaxy (8 in.) tablet cases, and other similarly sized tablet cases are compatible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Check out our FAQ to get answers to common questions about our Quiver Pen & Stylus Holders.

Reviews (51)

Easy as pie!

Written by Steven R. Jackson on 18th Apr 2017

Easy as pie!

Purchased item. Item arrived.

Written by DANIEL NEIDORFF on 18th Apr 2017

Item was exactly what was ordered. No complaints.

Great seller with fast shipping.

Written by Andrew E Dorman on 18th Apr 2017

Great seller with fast shipping.

Item arrived in great condition…

Written by Bingni Brunton on 18th Apr 2017

...and was exactly as I expected.


Written by Craig on 18th Apr 2017


Awesome product fit my A5 bullet journal perfect.

Written by Linda J. Scura on 18th Apr 2017

Holds my large barrel pen perfectly.

Prompt fulfillment.

Written by Cindy Simon on 18th Apr 2017

Very happy with the product.

This is the second Double-Pen Quiver I've purchased.

Written by Allison J Jasso on 18th Apr 2017

I have had the first one I purchased for over 5 years and it's just as useful and gorgeous as ever. This one was purchased for use with a Leuchtturm1917 size A5 notebook as a bullet journal. It holds 3 Steadler Fineliners and a small 6-inch ruler which makes travel super easy and I don't lose my beloved pens!

Quiver is well made…

Written by Vickie Plung on 18th Apr 2017

...and fits my notebook perfectly.

Outstanding product!

Written by John M. Kimball on 18th Apr 2017

It's perfect for the Neo Smartpen N2 (which is large) - don't buy the single as it will be too small. Price is high but worth the $$... VERY high quality leather, it looks extremely professional and luxurious. I am extremely satisfied and would highly recommend !


Written by Louie Chavez on 18th Apr 2017

Received as expected

Seller was dope.

Written by Andrew Williams on 18th Apr 2017

Seller was dope.

Met my expectations. Even exceeded them.

Written by CONRAD W ZVARA on 18th Apr 2017

Described to take two pens... Actually accepts THREE classic Cross pens (slim) with ease. Very nicey done.

Great product!

Written by Jim Luther on 18th Apr 2017

Great product!


Written by James Reed on 18th Apr 2017


Very pleased with item…

Written by Betsy Perry on 18th Apr 2017

Would recommend!

Item as described.

Written by Michael Goldweber on 18th Apr 2017

Its a great pen carrier.

Five Stars

Written by KC's mom on 13th Apr 2017

Perfect for my needs

A notebook is a blank page without a pen.

Written by M1 on 11th Apr 2017

Never go without your favorite writing instrument again. I usually have my pens and pencil in my uniform. However, when I'm off work, I always grab my notebook and forget the pen or pencil. Never again! The design is robust and elegant. An elastic strap on the backside of the loop allows it to easily stretch to anything in the A5 size range. The Quiver is great quality in leather and construction. The minute I took it to a meeting everyone asked where I got it. I, along with others, will be buying more of them. A must have.

Very pleased.

Written by Conrad Z on 26th Mar 2017

Very pleased with this quiver. The concept has been a thought of mine for years, but first saw it only recently. This unit works exactly as advertised, fits perfectly on my Moleskin A5 notebook, and actually fits THREE slender Cross pens with ease. Nicely done.

Four Stars

Written by Michael Goldweber on 21st Mar 2017

Very nice pen holder - just as advertised.

... sharpie click and pilot frixion at the same time comfortably.

Written by Jay Labs on 16th Mar 2017

Fits my nomatic basics notebook and holds a sharpie click and pilot frixion at the same time comfortably.

What I thought to be a splurge turned into love.

Written by Andrew Williams on 15th Mar 2017

This felt like a splurge at the time of purchase but turned out being one of my best purchases in recent memory. I love this thing. The quiver looks better in person than in the provided picture. I remember hoping it didn't look as frumpy, and I was wasn't let down. This guy is slick. Fits perfectly on my weekly calendar Moleskine. Had to look it up to make sure this was an "A5" size because I'd never heard of that measurement. Might be good to do the same. I keep my quiver close to the outside edge of the cover because I found that the notebook didn't fully close when closer to the binding as it is in the stock photo. I can comfortably fit two Pilot G2s in addition to a 6 inch Wescott ruler. Looks like I could fit a standard pencil in with those as well if I wanted. The reason I made this purchase was because I broke the Moleskine branded pencil that they make to clip to the cover of my planner. I researched a bunch of utensil-to-notebook fastening options and this was indeed one of the most expensive ones, but don't let that deter you. If you consider your notebook an extension of your person as I do then consider the Quiver a worthy investment. All-in-all I'm glad I made this purchase. Thanks for making a dope product, Quiver.

Buttery soft leather...

Written by Donna Mason on 15th Mar 2017

Soft, supple leather and ideal for my iPad. I keep an ink pen and a stylus in my quiver. Love it!

Delivers What It Promises!

Written by Lisa M. on 15th Mar 2017

This quiver is absolutely perfect for what I was wanting. I always have a pen available when I need it and don't have to worry about digging through my purse when I need to jot something in my journal. I use Zebra brand pens, and this quiver will actually hold three of them, so I can have red, black and blue pens with me at all times. It is sturdy, well made and should last for years. Several of my friends will be receiving these for Christmas this year!

Perfect for the Livescribe 3 Smartpen

Written by rainman128 on 15th Mar 2017

Perfect for the Livescribe 3 Smartpen. Fits perfect and attaches to either the Moleskin or Livescribe A5 size lined journal.

Functional and Stylish!

Written by Garrett S on 13th Mar 2017

I use this with an 8"" ASUS tablet. It works great to hold a pen and a stylus and doubles as a hand strap when I flip the cover behind the tablet. Great product!

Excellent product! No more searching for a pen to ...

Written by NH Bomar on 13th Mar 2017

Excellent product! No more searching for a pen to write in my notebook! I had been looking for something like this for a long time and this is exactly what I needed.

Very nice

Written by Andrew Dorman on 13th Mar 2017

Excellent for keeping a couple pens or pencils with a Moleskine notebook. It's well made with what appears to be good quality leather.

Five Stars

Written by Nico Raynaud on 13th Mar 2017

Great product if you don't have a pen holder on your notebook.

Sturdy, attractive, a great value

Written by Cindy Simon on 7th Mar 2017

My brother gave me the Bullet Journal starter set for Christmas, and I really wanted the lovely pen to be protected while the set was in my purse. This pen quiver has done a fine job keeping the pen and journal together, and the pen undamaged. There are no signs of wear after 3 months of consistent use. And I find the value to be better than the stick-on pen holders because it can travel to a new journal when this one is full.

Five Stars

Written by M. Duerr on 5th Mar 2017

A fine looking well made product .

Five Stars

Written by Frank L. Brevoort IV on 4th Mar 2017

Great addition!

Gift for My Boss

Written by Steve Jones on 2nd Mar 2017

I don't use this myself as this was a gift for my boss....the acid test for any gift is if the recipient actually uses it. In this case, he does use it, so I consider this a homerun! Must live up to its reputation and utility.

Great pen holder

Written by Laura on 5th Feb 2017

I use this pen holder on my A5 size bullet journal. It holds my TWSBI Diamond 580 and my Pilot Prera fountain pens without difficulty. It is of great quality. Highly recommend it.

Love it!

Written by undefined on 23rd Jan 2016

I ordered the Quiver to go on the Levenger journal my son bought me for Christmas. The black Quiver with blue stitching looks fabulous on the black and blue journal! One pen and one automatic pencil fit perfectly in the holder. At first I wasn't sure if the Quiver would fit (the journal is the Circa Junior size) as it was quite difficult to get on, but it's perfect! My order came quickly to Canada and I am very happy with it.

Perfect fit for the Livescribe 3 Smartpen

Written by undefined on 30th Jan 2015

Due to the larger pen body with the livescribe, this is a perfect fit.

Better than perfect!

Written by Scott in Madison on 18th Nov 2014

I received my pen holder yesterday and it's absolutely perfect. I emailed to confirm a selection that I was unsure about, and Bob K. got back to me almost immediately. That's excellent customer service, but here's what took it over the top for me: After reviewing my order, Bob identified an incorrect shipping charge, and immediately initiated a refund for the erroneous portion. He could have said nothing, but he didn't. I have total confidence in Bob as a business person, and look forward to doing business with him, and Quiver, again! Thanks again, Bob!

The Quiver Made Me Quiver (With Joy)

Written by Vickie Belcher on 28th Aug 2014

After receiving my Quiver yesterday morning, I drooled over it all day and finally put it on my Moleskine Diary ... more drooling ensued. What a genius idea!!! No more groping around in the bottom of my handbag trying to find my Moleskine pen or my stylus for my Kindle. So practical!! So functional!! Beautifully made in the softest of leathers. I am sooooo happy with it. Thank you very very much.


Written by Raymond on 21st May 2014

After having already purchased a Double Pen Quiver for Pocket Notebooks, I quickly decided to order one for Large Notebooks and again, I'm very satisfied. I can't but warmly recommend them to every user of Pocket or Large Notebooks!

Great Product

Written by Austin on 5th Apr 2014

Being a new user of moleskine notebooks I found myself needing a place for my pen where I wouldn't lose it. So, I tracked down the A-5 double pen quiver with red stitching and it is perfect. I bought one for my hardcover notebook and one for my soft cover (along with an adapter). I Definitely recommend this product.

Double pen holder

Written by undefined on 4th Mar 2014

Excellent and useful product. One suggestion is probably to consider a version with cover flaps to prevent stylus from falling out because some stylus, like mine, don't have [a clip].

Need more than one

Written by Christina on 22nd Nov 2013

I love having my pens with me and when I started a different journal for another purpose, I realized I needed another Quiver for my new journal.

Amazing product. Second one I've bought

Written by Jeremy on 12th Nov 2013

I bought the brown version for my moleskine and it makes it stand out brilliantly, and is incredibly helpful. I carry my moleskine everywhere and always use the same pen. Always having the pen attached to the book in such a beautiful fashion makes it much easier than trying to remember to always keep the pen in my pocket, or bag, or jacket. Considering the quality, I anticipate having this same Quiver through many, many moleskines before having to replace it.

Awesome Product, This brings me to 4 in the family.

Written by Henry on 6th Mar 2013

The quiver is a unique product. I love having a secure place for a pen and my stylus. Anyone who see the quiver on my IPAD case are drawn to it and immediately want to know where they can obtain a Quiver. Great quality, stitching is top notch and the leather is a very good quality. Anyone who buys a quiver will not be discouraged, great product at a reasonable price.

Cool with my Moleskin

Written by reif on 2nd Feb 2013

Very well made. Love it a lot.


Written by Tohru on 28th May 2012

I am a user of Moleskine A5-size notebook, and I have been looking for a pen-holder for it. Now I got the black one with red stitching. This pen holder suits very well for my Moleskine notebook. It is great!

2 Quivers on 1 Notebook!

Written by Ophelia D on 1st Mar 2012

I was convinced as soon as I saw the photos of Quiver pen holders for the first time, and now that I have my own couldn't be happier with them. I'm currently using a large (A5-ish) Moleskine, and have both the single AND double pen holders on the one notebook. Works so well! I use 4+1 multipens, so at any one time I can be carrying the equivalent of 11 pens (ball point, gel, fine, broad, etc), including mechanical pencils, in one neat package.

Great arrival

Written by Bruce from Australia on 11th Feb 2011

Got mine in the mail and am using it with a larger Paperblanks journal...Very classy and so useful!

Excellent Product

Written by Kerstin (Australia) on 8th Feb 2011

My first Quiver is now sitting comfortably on my 18 month Moleskine diary. I say first because I have another double pen one on the way and another Moleskine notebook waiting to be usefully adorned. The Quiver is a well-made, useful and classy addition to any Moleskine and I'll be passing that message onto other notebook friends. Finally I want say that the service one receives from Quiver is excellent. Thank you Bob for all your help. The product and service both deserve the five star rating.

Thanks Mike

Written by G. W. Pate on 26th Dec 2010

Brother-in-law sent me a double-pen quiver for large notebook. However, I am using it on a Fossil leather notebook. It fits perfect on the Fossil and on the Moleskin. A great product, wish I had thought of it...

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