Manufacturer Defect: Thick Leather Large Single Pen Quiver Notebook Pen Holder For Large Notebooks

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Manufacturer Defect:
Thicker leather
Cow leather & marine-grade threading
Fits Notebook Dimensions:
8 to 8.5 inches tall (20.3 to 21.6 centimeters)
Color Options:
Brown, Black, Black/Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue
Pen Capacity:
1 thin body, standard body or wide body pen
5+ years
Standard large (A5) notebooks, see dimensions above
Platignum Pen:
"Studio" Ballpoint Blue/White/Green/Orange/Yellow (See Product Images)
Color None Selected (required)
Platignum Studio Ballpoint Pen Color (Optional)(+15.95) None Selected
Notebook (Optional)

Manufacturer Defect: Excessively Thick Leather -- Oh no!

Everything you love about Large One Pen Quivers and more...more leather that is. Our manufacturer forgot to shave down the cow leather we specify for our Large Single Pen Quivers, resulting in an awkward fit due to the thicker leather. It'll hold your notebook cover angled up beyond normal. As such, since we can't guarantee the usual flat fit of our non-defect Quivers, we've reduce our pricing by 57%! 


If you are purchasing one of these manufacturer defective Quivers, you are acknowledging the problem fit and thus you cannot return this exchange you're getting a great price. All sales are final.

Never Lose Your Pen Again

The Large Single Pen Holder For Notebooks Quiver solves a notebook users most annoying problem, not having a pen available when you need it most. Single Pen Quivers slide easily onto almost any of your standard large (A5) notebook spines, and can hold a single small, medium or large bodied pen. 

Functionality Meets Style

Quiver Pen Holders are hand made from 100% American cow leather, resulting in a naturally tight hold on your notebook. With several different accent thread colors to choose from, you’re certain to find a Quiver suited to your style with ease.

Reusable With No Adhesives Required

Quivers grip your notebook spine using our unique elastic band design, meaning no adhesives are used. One Quiver can last you dozens of notebooks and many years of use, not to mention save you the time and cost of replacing a lost pen. 

Notebook Brands We Fit


Moleskine notebooks Ink+Volt notebooks AmazonBasic Classic notebook
Amazon Gear Classic notebook Rhodia Webnotebooks Leuchtturm1917 notebooks
Code&Quill notebooks Bullet Journals Blue Sky Planners
Conceptum notebooks Mod notebooks Palomino notebooks
Shinola notebooks Monsieur notebooks Black n' Red notebooks
Markings Ruled Journal notebooks BookFactory Journal Thick Classic notebook
teNeues CoolNotes notebooks Piccadilly notebooks U.S. Government 'Log Book/Memorandum' Green cover NSN: 7530-00-222-3521
Christian Lacroix Paseo Journals  Castelli notebooks  & several more

Sizing Guide

If you're unsure of exactly which Quiver size you need to purchase, take a look at our sizing guide here!

***Pens and notebooks in product photos are used for demonstration purposes only and are not included with purchase***

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