Pen Holder For Notebooks


Never Lose Your Favorite Pens Again With The Quiver Pen Holder For Notebooks

If you're an avid notebook user, you've probably spent a decent amount of time looking for a pen, maybe because you've temporarily misplaced it, completely lost it, or lent it to your friend who conveniently forgot to give it back, but for one reason or another, you know the struggle of not having a pen when you need it most. The Quiver Pen Holder for notebooks aims to prevent a notebook users worst nightmare, losing your favorite pen. Quivers are available in both one pen, which sits on the spine of your notebook and a two pen variant which sits on the front or rear cover of your notebook.


Seamlessly Attaches To Your Notebook

We designed Quivers to impact your writing, sketching and note taking experience as little as possible while still providing the security of a snug, durable fit. All Quivers are made of 100% American cow leather with marine grade threading guaranteeing a long lasting pen holder for notebooks unrivaled by any other Quiver knockoff. In over 8 years of business, we haven't had a single return due to general wear and tear meaning one Quiver will last you year after year, notebook after notebook. That said, Quivers do not use adhesives, but rather an elastic band that hold the Quiver tight onto your notebook spine or front or rear cover, allowing you to reuse your Quiver by simply sliding it off one notebook and onto the next.


A Quiver For Every Notebook Size

A notebook comes in all shapes and sizes, which is why we made sure to create multiple Quiver pen holder sizes for standard pocket/small, medium/large and extra large notebook sizes. Check out the sizing dimensions on each Quiver product page to understand which Quiver size is right for your notebook. In general, we've tried to name our Quiver products according to the notebook size they fit i.e. pocket notebooks are fitted by our Pocket One Pen Holder Quiver or Pocket Two Pen Holder Quiver. If you've taken a look at the dimensions and are not able to determine which size works best, drop us a message here and we'll be happy to help find you the right size!

If your notebook height is between 5.4 - 6 inches tall. (13.71 - 15.24 centimeters), the recommended Quiver is either our Pocket One Pen Holder Quiver or our Pocket Two Pen Holder Quiver 

If your notebook height is between 8 - 8.5 inches tall (20.3 - 21.6 centimeters), the recommended Quiver is either our Large One Pen Holder Quiver or our Large Two Pen Holder & Stylus Holder Quiver 

If your notebook height is between 9.25 inches - 10.5 inches tall (23.5 centimeters - 26.7 centimeters), the recommended Quiver is our Extra Large Two Pen Holder & Stylus Holder Quiver

Softcover Notebook Compatible

The Quiver Pen Holder for notebooks is also softcover compatible when combined with our softcover adapter. Because Quivers provide a tight fit with their elastic band, most softcovers notebooks will bend without a softcover adapter, so don't recommend using a Quiver without one. You can find our softcover adapters here.