Pocket Double Pen Holder For Notebooks Quiver

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Cow leather & marine-grade threading
Fits Notebook Dimensions:
5.4 - 6 inches tall. (13.71 - 15.24 centimeters)
Color Options:
Brown, Black, Black/Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue
Pen Capacity:
3 thin body pens, 2 standard body pens, 1 wide body pen
5+ years
Standard pocket (A6) notebooks, see dimensions above
Platignum Pen:
"Studio" Ballpoint Blue/White/Green/Orange/Yellow (See Product Images)
Color None Selected (required)
Platignum Studio Ballpoint Pen Color (Optional)(+15.95) None Selected
Notebooks (Optional)

Never Lose Your Pen Again

The pocket Double Pen Holder For Notebooks Quiver solves a notebook users most annoying problem, not having a pen available when you need it most. Pocket Double Pen Quivers slide easily onto almost any standard pocket (A6) notebook hard cover, front or back and can hold a single large bodied pen, two standard pens or even three thin bodied pens. Alternatively, we also carry a pocket Single Pen Holder Quiver that fits over the spine of the notebook.

Functionality Meets Style

Quiver Pen Holders are hand made from 100% American cow leather, resulting in a naturally tight hold notebook covers. With 6 different colors to choose from, you’re certain to find a Quiver suited to your style with ease.

Reusable With No Adhesives Required

Quivers grip your notebook covers using an elastic band, meaning no magnets or glue adhesives are needed. One Quiver can last you hundreds of notebooks and many years of use, not to mention save you the time and cost of replacing a lost pen. 

Compatible With Softcover Notebooks Too

While Quivers are primarily designed for standard pocket hardcover notebooks, we do offer a softcover notebook adapter that can be purchased with your Quiver to give your soft cover notebook additional rigidity to support a Quiver without bending your notebook cover, we do not recommend using Quivers on softcover notebooks without a softcover adapter! Available for multiple sized notebooks here.

Notebook Brands We Fit


Rhodia notebooks Moleskine notebooks Hobonichi Planner Conceptum notebooks
Piccadilly notebooks Ecosystems notebooks Brooks Bros. edition 6" Graphic Image datebook SamutNote

Sizing Guide

If you're unsure of exactly which Quiver size you need to purchase, take a look at our sizing guide here!

A Portion Of Your Order Proceeds Will Be Donated To Help Clean Up Our Oceans 

The team at Quiver recently decided that we will begin donating a portion of your order proceeds to a different organization every few months that is dedicated to improving our planet. Currently we have chosen 4Ocean, an organization dedicated to cleaning up trash in our oceans all over the world. Find out more about 4Ocean and why we chose them here.

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 ***Pens and notebooks in product photos are used for demonstration purposes only and are not included with purchase***

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