Softcover Notebook Adapter For Quivers

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Give Your Softcover Notebook Some Added Rigidity

Quiver Softcover Notebook Adapters are fabricated from a laminate of plastic and paper providing you a thin, waterproof reinforcement for your softcover notebook to slip in between Quiver and softcover notebook cover. The adapters provide just the right amount of stiffness to the notebooks softcover enabling use with our Quivers.

Which Size Works Best

Softcover notebook adapters are available in a number of different lengths to better match your notebook size. If you know what Quiver size and style you ordered or have already, simply pick that same size and style from the sizing drop down menu and you're set. If you have a slightly larger softcover notebook, we do offer multiple sizing options per notebook size however if you cannot find the proper size for your notebook, simply contact us and we'll either point you to the correct size or we can make a custom softcover adapter at no extra cost if needed!

Greater In Number

Only one softcover notebook adapter is needed per notebook, though we recommend having a backup or two for future uses. Softcover adapters are not designed to be bent and will break if bent to an extreme angle!

Pen Holder Not Included

The softcover notebook adapter is an accessory item to Quivers. Quivers are purchased as a separate cart item and can be found here.

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